A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.  The journey for Ongoza Partner Youth has seen them show their resilience, commitment and willingness to learn. They have adapted new business principles and concepts. This has seen them grow from youth groups making few cents to more structured enterprises that are making thousands. The journey is still long and many more hurdles to tackle, but the invaluable lessons along the way are our joy.

Ongoza not only seeks to grow youth businesses but also to make them models to replicate and embrace. In the recently concluded selection, boot camps in Nakuru and Nairobi Counties, the older Ongoza Partner Youth Groups were key resources in training the new groups on business pitching from their own experience. Leaders from Clear Cut Arts and KITO international in Nairobi County, and Picha Tamu and Plug and Play in Nakuru County respectively, mentored and guided the participants. We believe that working with the successful groups will not only be an invaluable resource for new groups but that the older groups will serve as mentors and hopefully will inspire them to attain the success they desire.

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Please click on the following link to see a brief video introduction to our new groups. Nakuru County Partner Youth Groups.

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