In December 2015, Ongoza commenced on its second recruitment drive aimed at taking on another twenty two (22) new Partner Youth Groups in Nairobi, Nakuru and Migori Counties. The three (3) tier process includes, county level review of applications, an in-house selection panel and an induction bootcamp with an extended selection panel. The bootcamp is a three (3) day workshop that allows us to understand and see the group members in action .the Nakuru County camp was held in February, while the Nairobi County camp in March, with Migori County slated for early April, 2016.

Speaking during the boot camp in Nairobi, Ongoza Program's Manager, Wangari Wanjau, said “The bootcamps original objective was to ensure that we as Ongoza are able to be fair, transparent and accountable in the manner that we take up the groups. Our experience thus far has shown that the content is actually very valuable to the Partner Youth Groups even if they are not successful in being part of our fold.”  

The participants in the Nairobi and Nakuru bootcamps commended the work done by Ongoza, and also called on us to extend the training process to include more youth.

“The three days have been very beneficial to us as young people” said Nairobi based, Madoya Tumaini Youth Group Project Manager, Stephen Onyango, “we are grateful to Ongoza for the training.”

Mr. Onyango also added that despite the years of advocacy on poverty eradication in their community, the training offered gave them insight on the community impact a business may have and also how it leads to improved operations and better results. This not only benefits the community but the business becomes a model to replicate for other youth group in their region.

Similar views were shared by Gibson Maina, a member of Touch Their Hearts Youth Group based in Nairobi, who requested that more such trainings be conducted, saying the trainings were impactful and insighting.

The highly successful Nairobi and Nakuru boot camps were done earlier in the month of March 2016, with the final bootcamp to be held in Migori County during the second month of April 2016. As we forge forward, we are energized and more resolved than ever to build up and inspire many more youth groups to their full potential. It goes without saying that we are determined to see a nation of locally engaged youth business leaders.

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