“Cross the river in a crowd and the crocodile will not eat you” - African Proverb

We been busy with the signing of our two year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with our Partner Youth Groups (PYG’s) as the formal contractual arrangement between Ongoza and the youth group. During this two year span, we will support the groups in their business development and social impact programs, with the primary objective of not only growing their business, but increasing their ability to employ more youth.

The past few months has seen a flurry of activity with new group selections and boot camps held across our counties of operation. The number of groups we work with have now doubled from ten (10) to twenty (20). The new groups that joined us in Nakuru County are Kaza Mwendo Womens Group, Climate Action Network, Manyani Environmental Youth Group, Picha Tamu, Plug & Play, Pambazuko Africa Production, Milimani Youth Group, Youth Resource Center and Upendo Youth Initiative, while in Migori County we have Nida Youth Group, Happy Ladies Women Group, Nyasoko for Jesus, Senat, and Nyasekako Nyarombo. Finally, in Nairobi County we have Kito International, Pacific Arts Initiative, Clear Cut Arts, Madoya, Esther and The Youth Network.

The types of businesses cover a wide spectrum of interests. These range from dairy and poultry rearing, beaded crafts and entertainment, equipment rentals, web graphics, energy (LPG, and briquettes), organic farming, training and garbage disposal.

You have made this possible and we trust we can count on your support as we work with these young men and women to make their lives better.

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