Everyone has a story to tell. For some its about their great escapades, for others its their adventures. Yet to others, its the simple, but everyday struggles and challenges that help redefine their futures. Every story told is a life-book of lessons, this is a tale of young men determined to create the greatest impact in Bungoma and its environs. Undeterred by the challenges they face, this group of young men is a new breed of entrepreneurs. They see hawking not just as any regular business to raise a cent to survive, but a network opportunity to transform the lives of the young people involved, whilst create more job opportunities for others based on interest and passion.

With only 200 Ksh, a family to support and no job, David Wafula got into hawking to support his family. The young entrepreneur however saw hawking as a road map to a network enterprise. With a couple of friends in the business, they formed Jiinue Hawkers and Peddlers; instead of working as competitors the members sell different merchandise and services. Unlike the regular hawking business Jiinue Hawkers and Peddlers meet every evening and consolidate their funds. This has enabled them have bank records and acquire loans of upto 300, 000 from Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF) and Uwezo Fund.

The Bungoma based franchise trades in assorted good; electronics, clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, beauty products etc. They recently purchased 2 bodabodas and have employed two salaried youth to manage them. As they grow their franchise, they hope to open up additional employment opportunities for more youth.