Ken Wambi - Clear Cut Arts (Nairobi)

Ken views life as a pool full of opportunity. With a passion for beaded artworks and a zeal to succeed, he is an enthusiastic young man with big dreams. He is an art enthusiast. Inspired and trained by his former employer, Wambi started Ghetto green, later rebranded as Clear Cut Arts in Nairobi, Kenya to make beaded artworks for galleries and individual sales. The group has also become an incentive for other young people to be engaged in constructive activities that can raise funds for their survival other than engage in social ills and vices.

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Byron Geogidius - Picha Tamu (Nakuru)

Byron wanted to create a platform where youth are engaged and empowered to build their own social business entreprises. In 2008, frustrated by his employer and looking for a source of income, Byron Geogiadius, partnered with his thespian friend Daniel Moshe, and started Picha Tamu, a theatre-group-turned-social- enterprise focused on youth empowerment in Nakuru County, Kenya. The group soon realized they needed to expand their revenue sources, and diversified their enterprises to include an agri-business and garbage collection business. His proudest moments are when he see’s the youth empowered and moving beyond the group to start their own social business ventures.

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Charles Odedo - Nyasoko For Jesus (Migori)

Driven by a passion to empower the youth of his region and encourage them to leave drugs, find sustainable sources of income, and become models of change in their communities, Charles Odedo started Nyasoko for Jesus Youth Group in Migori County, Kenya. The group advocates for youth empowerment and community sensitization on HIV/AIDS, girl child education and environmental protection, as well as in agri-business (poultry and Maize) and most recently in charcoal briquette production. Charles is hopeful that the group will become a model of meaningful change in Migori County and encourages other youth to start their own businesses and social ventures.