Our Model

Recruit young business leaders with an existing micro-enterprise and
social mission.
Rigorously assess
partners’ strengths
and weaknesses.
Co-design a business
plan that lays out our partners’ goals and
Ongoza’s support package.
Grow enterprises
through customized
weekly business advisory,
debt financing. 
Connect youth partners
in leadership forums​
for peer learning,
community outreach
and policy influence.






Our Service Offering

  1. Business Diagnostic
    Our highly skilled business development experts undertake an assessment of each enterprise using Ongoza’s diagnostic tool to determine the business’s unique needs and opportunities. The result of this process is a customized business development plan that elaborates how to address the challenges identified in the diagnostic and leverage the business’s strengths to take it to the next level.

  2. Bankable Business Plan
    Our business development experts work closely with our entrepreneurs to provide a tailored business plan suiting the needs of each enterprise. All plans will include detailed financial statements.

  3. Strategic Business Advisory
    Guided by the tailored business development plan built from the diagnostic results, our business development experts provide weekly business coaching and advisory relevant to that specific business.

  4. Capital Access
    Through an exclusive partnership with Key Partners Ltd., our entrepreneurs can apply for debt financing with below-market rate interest. We also assist partners to apply to other financing partners that support youth-led social enterprises. Loans are only available to clients who meet the funds’ independent requirements.

  5. Networks And Linkages
    We connect our entrepreneurs to a vast network of learning and business development opportunities to grow and scale their businesses. These include business mentors, financial mentors, funders and market experts in different operational fields. We also convene Ongoza partner entrepreneurs in monthly and quarterly sessions to conduct leadership training, share lessons, and network.