Our Focus


We equip youth with entrepreneurial skills for profitable ventures in an effort to mitigate their socio-economic vulnerability.

Community Leadership

We encourage youth to lead in local initiatives that create a positive social impact and to invest a portion of their profits, as well as be champions of peace.

Youth Empowerment

We provide youth with meaningful opportunities to contribute to local and national dialogue on strategies to building a peaceful society.


Our Model

Fanaka (Prosperity): The Five Steps

1 Identify

Identify prospective youth partners with a dual micro-enterprise and social impact activity

2 Assess

Assess youth partners’ strengths and weaknesses

3 Train

Train youth to run successful, responsible enterprises and engage as community leaders

4 Grow

Grow youth enterprises and social impact through coaching, capital, and connections

5 Sustain

Sustain budding youth enterprises through continued mentorship

Underlying Themes

  • Peace
  • Leadership
  • Education